Our Seller Servicing Goal – Maximum Result / Minimum Interference:

My philosophy: 1. give enough marketing info to ‘set the hook’, 2. make them want to see in-person, 3. targeting to get qualified/ serious buyers, not tire kickers, 4. have a marketing packet that removes barriers/ questions & keeps forward momentum, 5. ease the above by not having distracting/ clickable/ ads competing against your property.

Not ‘auto populated’ marketing, but customized ‘valuations’ & ‘presentation’ to better reach ready, qualified buyers. How? Seller Goals <|>  Meet & Discuss <|>  Share Your Vision <|> Us

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The Buyer will see your property via:

  1. MLS & ‘magazine’ sites via FULL SELLER CONTROL OF On/ Off/ Timing options.
  2. Dedicated address specific property site. See example 1  See example 2.
  3. Dedicated address specific social media page(s). See example now.
  4. Unique to the property address signage.
  5. Unique to the property mailing(s).
  6. A mix of photos, panorama shots, & video tours showing the property and the local area.
  7. Your property Open House event.
  8. Years of related experiences critically useful in negotiating your position with buyers, agents, etc.

The Buyer won’t see:

  • *Within new professional guidelines, you can still choose how we’ll ‘focus market’ the property. Do you want your information to go everywhere and anywhere* like the automated process most use? Not always. This gives buyers, not you the seller, more of an advantage. Be careful how you allow ‘days on market’, ‘price history’ & other sensitive date on one of the magazine sites.
  • Speaking of ‘magazine sites’. What about those ‘values’?  All within 6 months time, I sold this one for $150k, but it dropped the publish estimate from $184k down to $93k – after selling for $150k! Odd yes? Eventually the site ‘gave up’ calculating a value and said “NONE” ?! – historical factual data records are often eliminated or wildly inaccurate, below an example of “History” removed in 2018, not showing the latest sale at all, after previously showing it in 2017.

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As a Seller you can follow the process via:

  1. All realtime showing & feedback history/ details are seller accessible 24/7.
  2. YourPlace24/7 , your live portal. YourSpace24/7 is  your very own online 24/7 file cabinet. Visit often or not.  Its where your working papers are kept, research history, pricing & on market comps, research, title company updates, lender & inspection results, offers received, disclosures, feedback/ emails, closing packet for pre-close review, etc – one file – one location! We can review your file together no matter where you or your parties associated are located.
  3. Before your listing goes live, look for pre-marketing ‘Get Ready’ photos with related suggestions.
  4. You’ll get an in-depth work-up to pricing/ value. This is not the ‘Free CMA’ style but a spreadsheet with comps and explanation of the methods used. It will be accessible throughout the marketing term as they are often updated with new/changing information.

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  1. Customers may request an accountant at anytime who is also assigned to your after-sale tax return preparation.
  2. Clients that retain us get access to extended services.

I use my background not only to market & sell to the buyer, but also the agents!


Experiences at your service: working on countless properties, related college studies, rehabbing for family / self/ clients, managing residential and commercial properties since 1981, building hands on, and filing thousands of client tax returns.

A background, servicing methods, and value that’s unparalleled!

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