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When buyers get serious, they get their agent looking in the local MLS. But we also get your property in all the popular search sites listed below when you retain us.

Sellers receive an Integrated, Multi-Faceted, Net Worth approach:

  1. Online sites:
    • Our main site:, property specific site, our ‘specialization’ site(s), etc.
    • Pin point targeted marketing via social media. Our main FB site, property specific FB site, our ‘specialization’ FB site(s), etc.
  2.  Your property Open House – Yes it’s available!Anibal-Affiliates-RealtyNetWorth-Marketing-Open-House-Signs_3_In-Yard_Open_ForSale_Website-2b
  3. YourPlace24/7 anchors your real world & online marketing package. Customized online property brochure includes separate private password protected pages for professionals part of the process. This area is for the buying public, agents, lenders, and so forth. See example now.
  4. Years of related experiences critically useful in negotiating your position with buyers, agents, etc.
  5. YourSpace24/7: Your own online 24/7 file cabinet where your working papers are kept. We can review your file together no matter where you or your parties associated are located. Research history, pricing & on market comparables, tax research, title company updates, lender & inspection results, offers received, disclosures, feedback/ emails, closing packet for pre-close review, etc – one file – one location!
  6. Upon buyer (agents) request we coordinate with any lender & the title company to make closing statement line items “more correctly placed” & potentially save you on:
    • Transfer Taxes
    • Title Insurance
    • Property Taxes &
    • Income Taxes ………. simply by HOW the transaction is structured. Often we’ve seen “sales agents” make great sales for others but cost the property owner thousands in overpaid income tax/property tax/ etc…simply by taking the “fill in the blank – default” path.
  7. Customers, ( no retainer ) upon request, get a FREE prepared tax return after the sale.
  8. Clients, that retain us under written agreement, get 1/2 of our agent fee rebated at closing &/or credit applied to future services of ours and affiliates in our referral network: E.G: CPA, LANDSCAPING, TAX PROTESTS, HOME IMPROVEMENTS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, etc. The rebate/credit can be applied to items above under “customers” with $’s left over. Many clients have received rebate checks for thousands at closing for $’s they’ve prepaid us & referral affiliates in prior years for services rendered – making those services FREE ! (Since we are sharing the risk and rewards, sellers will cover marketing costs if they change their mind on marketing the house through sale ).

I use my background not only to market & sell to the buyer, but also the agents! Inexperienced agents often need help responding to buyer questions about the property & the process.


My experiences include: working on properties for broker father as a child, studying housing, law, and accounting in college, rehabbing many properties – my first to rent to college roommates, managing residential and commercial properties since 1981, building residences hands on, and filing thousands of tax returns. We are not afraid to discuss with buyers & agents how to move a wall, deal with a tenant, or save taxes with the IRS or city hall. Further – we’ll make suggestions for improvements & decorating that help sell your property.

Our background, servicing methods, and value is absolutely unparalleled in today’s atmosphere of short term/part time/2nd career agents. We are happy to serve you starting today !

Site options to promote your listings:


  • Sellers that retain us may choose cross marketing that can include:® - Official Site of the National Association of REALTORS® Google Base Trulia Real Estate Search hot pads oodle Zillow Yahoo Real Estate Local LYCOS Front Door enormo cyber homes Vast Propbot CLR AOL real estate Lake Homes Land Watch Resort Scape eRealInvestor Military.comMy Realty.comOpenHouseWALMART overstockInvestor Loft DOT HOMES the real estate search engineSecond Space

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