ON MARKET: 26651 Elk Run, South Lyon MI schools, New Hudson MI spotless 3/3.5/2 under $300k !

Update – sold over ask in under 2 weeks.

Just Listed! Open TBD

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* Anibal Group LLC does not offer legal advice. This article is not to be considered advice specific to your situation. Most financial decisions should involve advice from a trusted professional of your choice that will advise on insurance, legal, banking/ lending, structural/ property condition, and other transaction significant matters. We can offer referrals for CPA’s and other professionals.

SERIES: Your net worth strategy~Another RNW Brokerage Perk: Income Tax Savings.

How much you can SAVE on INCOME TAXES using a REALTY BROKER (us) that gives INCOME & PROPERTY TAX ADVICE in the professional service package & offers ALA CARTE BILLING?

SERIES: Your net worth strategy just changed with the tax law changes. The ‘Portfolio Approach’ has never made more sense than now.

Think about if you have, had, or are considering any of the below?

  • … income property?AnibalGroupLLC_RealtyNetWorth_tax-savings-with-buy-sell-brokerage
  • … a small business or 1099 contract income?
  • … an entity such as S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership?
  • … using property as home office, land storage rental, pole barn use, attached apartment for related/unrelated, or VRBO.com style letting?
  • … college (or other) housing for student/ child?
  • … providing housing for parent?
  • … vacation/ seasonal property that may have mixed use?
  • … relocation related to work?

Here’s an example of what you could save over using another agent/ brokerage who will not be including or offering taxation perspective in how your deal is structured, financed, the timing, how title is held, and other topics from a taxation perspective.*

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* Anibal Group LLC does not offer legal advice. This article is not to be considered advice specific to your situation. Most financial decisions should involve advice from a trusted professional of your choice that will advise on insurance, legal, banking/ lending, structural/ property condition, and other transaction significant matters. We can offer referrals for CPA’s and other professionals.

Vacation & relocations: Savannah GA. Meeting you where & when you move.

Your net worth strategy just changed with the tax law changes. The ‘Portfolio Approach’ has never made more sense than now when you look at your:

  • Saving for retirementAnibalGroupLLC_RealtyNetWorth_ 10-24-2018 7-54-05 PM
  • Property holding(s)
  • Tax minimizing
  • Net Worth maximizing

Here’s an example day visit to somewhere you may have considered buying. It could be Savannah GA, or Hilton Head SC, Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach, NC, VA, or Maryland as well. Yes, we broker in MI, FL, and meet clients at all points in between.

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Simply choose your charity when initiating services.

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Buyers beware: Seller occupancy after closing

When the seller needs additional time after close and plan post-close occupancy, buyers may wish to consider some ramifications. Will this effect your financing? How about insurance issues? Who will cover costs? … repairs? … substantial losses? Anibal-Group-LLC-All-Over-USA


  • Use and Occupancy Agreement – Seller to Remain: Principle residence – form/agreement, general in nature.
  • License for the Limited Use and Occupancy Agreement – form/agreement, more specific in nature for use of subject premises.
  • leaseholdtenancy and complexity of legal rights and obligations
  • lease – transfers “possession”, and
  • license – grants “only the right to use the premises” – a license to use and occupy, and nothing more. As a preliminary matter, it’s probably not a bad idea to refer to and title the agreement between the parties as “a license for the limited use and occupancy” of the subject premises, rather than simply a “use and occupancy” agreement


  • Ask Lender: Will non-owner occupancy effect financing?
  • Ask Insurance agent:
    • House burns down – sellers is living there – post close, who pays?
    • House burns down – sellers has not surrendered keys, not living there but has possessions still there – post close, who pays?
    • Slip n fall – who pays?
    • Do you need landlord insurance?
    • Appliances included break, drain or HVAC fail – who pays?
  • Ask Lawyer:
    • For an agreement to cover possible losses
    • Word agreement that will not create for seller ‘tenant rights’
  • Ask Accountant:
    • If the seller pays $X/day for more than 10 days overstay, is this rental income?


  • Whether an agreement creates a lease or license may be determined by:
    • a) the extent of the parties’ control over the premises;
    • b) the language of the agreement;
    • c) the intent of the parties;
    • d) the duration of the expected occupancy;
    • e) whether usage payments are made on a day to day basis;
    • f ) whether the occupant is free to leave at any moment.
  • Limited Use and Occupancy Agreement (may include such items as):
    • Seller pays per diem amount of $____  ( Usually at least covers: mtg pyt, ins., taxes).
    • Escrow held to be released after surrender of keys and complete removal all items & debris not included in sale. ‘Broom clean’ vacating includes but is not limited to: house/ garage/ attic/ yard/ out-building(s)/ with no trash remaining at curbside. Escrow for potential damage, hold-over, & buyer satisfaction of post move-out inspection $____ (e.g.: 3% of purch. price).
    • After _____ days (e.g. 30), per diem occupancy will increase to $____ (e.g. 1.5 – 2X otherwise).
    • Seller is responsible for risk of loss during post close hold over & will deliver in good working condition, the property, items included w/ sale, HVAC & plumbing.
    • Buyer may enter premises at any reasonable time to inspect property.


Links for further reading:

Please seek you own professional legal, tax, real estate, and insurance advice – not to the reliance of this article.

‘Short Sale’

Short sale? – buyers beware!!

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  • easy,
  • quick,
  • predictable,
  • a sure possibility of condition of property or title history, etc.
  • NOT 

In fact, here are some excerpts from a Anibal-Group-LLCs-RealtyNetWorth-Handyman-Short-Sale-old-housedisclosure for buyers. I think it says it best:

‘…. If you will be frustrated beyond the savings of a short sale, then consider buying a home not under short sale. In other words, be prepared to be frustrated during the attempted approval period…’


  • Buyer and seller are advised that to a degree, all short sales are unique. Every transaction will be assigned to a loss mitigation specialist who will proceed based upon the current and ever changing needs and goals of the lender. What works with one short sale rarely is the same on the next.
  • Buyer and buyer’s agent acknowledge that because we handle multiple transactions, in order to best serve everyone buyer/ buyer’s agent will receive a link to a communications site for updates on the short sale process. Calls made to the office/ agent(s) will most likely not be acknowledged if updates are already posted. Extra calls, texts, & emails do nothing to further the process.
  • Once lender receives short sale offer documents, the lender may need minimum 40-60 days to approve. After approval, the sale must close at lenders approved time frame, often 30-45 calendar days, but may run 2 weeks to 12 months. It is common to receive no updates, no contact, and no calls from the lender.
  • Any ‘seller’ funds are usually paid to lender. The seller will receive no cash except for a HAFA short. The seller will bring no additional cash for any closing costs, buyer’s appraisal or home warranty.
  • Buyer home warranty is recommended by this office, your agent, and the broker, and may be purchased prior to close. The seller may not maintain the property.
  • Should buyer purchase a professional home inspection (highly recommended), the seller will not agree to any requested repairs. Many lenders are going to require certain repairs as a condition for loans, costs will be borne by buyer.
  • Buyer must communicate to seller through buyer’s real estate agent only as a courtesy to all involved parties.
  • Please acknowledge the above _________________

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Like Chip & Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, remember to seek wise counsel.

Investing in property ?Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth
Like Chip & Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, I recommend you seek wise counsel ‘and all these things shall be added unto you’ says Biblical scripture.

When there is more that 1 person as part of the buyer / seller / ownership  package, I take just as seriously the ‘non-financial aspects’ of the transaction. A move is a top stress item per every counseling material you read and study. Since its part of my business, I’ve studied family counseling materials for decades, taken counseling workshops (outside of my profession) and consumed countless hours of programming relating to, well, relating.

I think these kids have it right in the interview link. When the purpose is shared jointly and above either of you, the ‘team’ approach brings you together, not in competition with each other.

Real estate auctions, can you trust them

Those flipping TV shows can’t be wrong, can they ? Oh my. If only customer/clients

realized they are buying a house, not a candy bar. (photos of actual house shown to client).

“If it was that easy…” right ? Here’s some of the better article excerpts I’ve found.

  • Property taxes, utility bills and assessments are sometimes not available at the time of auction or are not paid from the auction proceeds. These become the responsibility of the winning bidder. For example, water and sewer accounts for the property may be delinquent in the name of the previous owner and service may not be reconnected in some municipalities until the accounts are brought current.
  • Hubzu: One persons experience: “… I have been bidding for weeks on a distressed property and have gotten the same run around that others have posted on this forum. The photos they had listed were not current. I enlisted the help of a local agent and then drove over 500 miles to view it myself. It was in MUCH worse condition – no flooring , at least 1/3 of the drywall taken out, appliances in disrepair or gone, all interior doors and facings removed due to water heating flooding the unit while it was bank owned…”
  • One expert’s single word of advice for folks who dream of buying a foreclosed house at auction: “Don’t.”… “I caution anyone who isn’t in the (real estate) business: Buying (at auction) can be one of the worst decisions you’ll ever make,” says Jim Hamilton, a Realtor in Los Gatos, Calif. Another bit of counsel from Hamilton: If you want to buy foreclosures at auction, plan on making that your full-time job. If buying a house is like navigating an obstacle course, then buying a foreclosure is like crossing a minefield.


More info:

Water Test in Michigan

Test your water regularly and as part of a purchase offer if a home has well water. Why ? There are all sorts of michigan well water testing real estate carcinogens in most ground water – not all is at high levels, but you need to stay informed. Recent cancer diagnosis of friends have brought this to my added attention. They eat clean, and live healthy otherwise.

You can use a state or local lab, but I’ve added a link to National Water Testing, a lab I recommend.

Call me first before testing for more details if you are considering buying or selling.

Quickest way to get house information

Here it is, want Property Info and you want it now ?

Take a photo on your iPhone and thats it !

What school goes with that house? What are prices like in this neighborhood? How much are taxes on this home? ALL of these questions can be answered with the click of your camera. Use HomeSnap to take a picture of almost any US home to find out all about it.
iOS: HomeSnap (Free)
Android: Coming soon


Free tablet to use already loaded up with real estate house hunting, buying, selling, investment applications – apps you’ll find useful and already to go !

Zillow, Trulia are not Realtors

Per Inman News article

Zillow, and other third-party real estate search sites like Trulia, have made a big push to Anibal-Affiliates-RealtyNetWorth-monopoly-money-flatget data feeds directly from brokers and MLSs because, without a direct feed, the portals face accuracy and timeliness issues with the listing data they get from a variety of sources.

A recent study by the brokerage and referral site ZipRealty, for example, showed that 16 and 17 percent of the homes listed as for sale on Zillow and Trulia, respectively, in the markets the study looked at were not listed as for sale in the MLS.


The point here is when you are ready to get to work on your buy/sell activity, there is no substitute for a licensed flesh and blood brokerage that has access to info you need – when you need it.

Ask me about the house they ‘valued’ at $184k then $93k just after I’d sold it for $150k! The seller pointed me to a similar house listed a block away – ‘Zillowed’ at $160k – eventually sold for $85k. Take it from there.

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Why use an ALTA

ALTA Title Policies

Exactly which defects are covered under the insurance depends on the type of insurance policy. A standard coverage policy normally insures the title as it is known from the public records. It also insures against such hidden defects as forged documents, conveyance by incompetent grantors, incorrect marital statements, and improperly delivered deeds. An extended coverage policy, such as an American Land Title Association (ALTA) policy, gives more coverage. For instance, it will protect against defects that may be discovered by a property inspection, rights of parties in possession, examination of a survey, and certain unrecorded liens. Most lenders require a lender’s ALTA policy.

ALTA’s expanded coverage policies cost about 10 percent more, but offer significantly more benefits. For example, the policies will pay up to 125 percent of the original insurance amount in case of claims to help account for inflation. Other expanded coverages include:

  • encroachments on the land made by neighbors after the date of the policy,
  • inability to access the property by vehicle or a pedestrian, and
  • zoning violations made by previous owners that must be corrected by the insured owner.

Complete list of the expanded coverage benefits: www.alta.org/forms

Institutional buyers are buying distressed properties,…gigantic hoards

……If you think rapidly rising home prices is a good trend, you might want to think again.

………….Institutional buyers are beating owner-occupied traditional home buyers to the market. With gigantic hoards of cash at their disposal they are buying distressed properties, mostly those in foreclosure or through lender facilitated short sales, one at a time and in bulk where they can.

  • …. Blackstone Group (BX) has already spent more than $3.5 billion to amass a portfolio of more than 16,000 single-family homes. Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Blackstone recently said the firm was spending about $100 million a week buying homes.
  • Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp (SBY) is a newly spun-off  real estate investment trust, shed from its REIT parent Two Harbors Investment Corp. (TWO), that owns 3400 homes and is adding to its inventory of purchased-to-rent properties.

…but conceivably…. the first-in money will try and create a floor and push prices higher to sell out as high as possible……


Deals fly fast in March.

Did you know that March is the #1 month for buyers activity ?

June is the #1 for sellers listing…what does this tell you ?

The prudent seller may wish to clean house a couple months sooner to get top dollar.

Example of some of the deals out there.




DIY Buyers….Due diligence

Due diligence is the name of the game when buying a home online. Craigslist & eBay … all chances to be scammed.

Advice boils down to research.

  • Research the house,
  • find out who has the title,
  • confirm the square footage and lot measurements,
  • find out if that lot can be built on or subdivided.
  • The estimated value of the property could be out of date. Find out if there are any development plans for the neighborhood.
  • Are there code violations, back taxes, demolition orders?
  • Does the seller really own the house?  <<< This is a good one for renters, yes, many folks are now renting from someone repping a vacant house they don’t own !

Real Estate May Be The Buying Opportunity of the Decade

After you read the below article I posted in 2012, jump on forward to this:

Investing: then and now


… so said Time mag back in July 2011. Click the photo to check their logic.

I wouldn’t have called out the buyers quite so quick, but now I’m bullish on buying. Why now ? Here’s a couple Detroit area articles showing recent price movements.

BTW, nationally, the big increases are right now happening in the areas that took the biggest hits….no surprise in that, to wit: Miami, Detroit, Arizona, LasVegas…etc.


The new rules for buyers and sellers

Real Estate Resurgence � How Buying and Selling Has Changed

See more: http://networthaffiliates.com/pinterest-cac09.html

Moving up: Whats that big dream house cost in time and money ?

There are some good articles and checklists on why owning a home, moving, or large home vs a smaller one is more expensive. Based on many factors I typically discuss w/ a buyer/seller up front, I agree on most points – based on planned usage, time you plan to stay there and many other factors.

Up front I give a buyer/seller a questionnaire to help them sort thru variables as well as help me understand how to better service them as a brokerage customer/client &/or how to screen other professionals if retained for a referral situation.

For as many costs of more time and money, with some pre-planning you might come out ahead with a larger home or a larger yard. Whats the time savings of a soccer space in the back yard over a regular trip to the park. How about a vegetable garden, in-law apartment, in-home office/studio for your business, renting storage space in the pole barn, Christmas tree stock, pumpkins the kids will sell, hardwoods for the woodstove,  closing off outer/ northern rooms in winter to buffer the main rooms for easier heating ? There are tax savings & income possibilities if done right.

But I do prefer one start with the downside of reality in case one never uses the beneficial aspects.

Better than “house hunters”

Before I rehabbed my first investment property back in my college days, I read and Anibal-Group-LLCs-RealtyNetWorth-Handyman-Short-Sale-old-housereread 2 books by the investing couple Sam and Mary Weir, e.g.: How We Made A Million Dollars Recycling Great Old Houses.    I remember taking a trip east to look up these addresses and see if it was all real – it was !

The books are a bit dated, but the ideas in them are not – still one of the best quick easy but realistic reads for the just starting out investor I can think of. Clients that retain me I actually give them a free copy of this upon request via Facebook.

Fast forward to the HGTV days. I’m not a TV watcher, but these guys seem to be the modern rough equivalent primer for the wannabe/current investor.  Here’s the quip and link:

Property Brothers.” features people who buy a fixer-upper and renovate it into their dream home with the help of twins Jonathan (the contractor) and Drew (the real estate agent) Scott. 

decent article


Adaptive reuse / flexible use

I tend to look at properties from a “multi-use” perspective.

I might say to a prospective buyer client “will you ever work from home ?…have customers stop by ?…. want rent out part for future/retirement income stream ?… have retired parent(s) live with you ?… have a business & residence at the same location ?

In our up/down economy that has become more of the norm in recent years these are valid considerations. I prefer to start with “when will you move” or “what might cause you to have to move”, to help a buyer consider liquidity – and the “what if you can’t sell” perspective.

I’ve linked to an article on an adaptive reuse option that has always intrigued me. Converted factories turned dazzling homes