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Your are now the CEO of your next move.

Do you hire a professional because you saw a house you like and they happen to answer the phone? Or do you use care to select a top-level pro, then proceed?

Here‘s the top 5 reasons why using our service = “peace of mind”:

  1. I grill & drill, you reap. I’ll search out the top area pros. I want experience & trustworthiness, but availability.  With a ‘long list’ I ask the awkward questions. I sort the list, give you all answers/ info/ bio/ links/ contact info. You simply Anibal-Affiliates-RealtyNetWorth-Marketing-Business-Card-Holderreview it without the pressure or time wasted. Pick one, and I’ll finalize your introduction.
  2. BYO – Yes, you can add someone you already are considering. I’ll do the same “screen & prep” approach and add them into your report.
  3. Accountability – Absolutely agents will be more attentive to you when an advocate professional (me) is in the loop.
  4. Cash rebate – The agent you select will know and is happy to pay us a small fee for the dossier & other courtesy work I present to them.  The ‘pro’ you select from a detailed ‘matching’ report we give you will get a nice packet with:
    • Brief intro of who you are.
    • Details of what you are looking for.
    • Proof of ability to purchase/ or current home on market.
    • And other information, you allow me to insert, that makes the process best for everyone.
  5. What does it cost ? Nothing. You even get $’s back.


Friends and family members might pass on referrals for real estate agents, but are their choices the best choice for you? We’ll screen those referrals too – you choose, AND get a rebate as a thanks! No Cost! If your case warrants, I travel to personally meet candidate clients and prospective referrals in the new local area.


There is never any obligation required on your part.

FAQ’s –

  1. Q:  I have an agent or 2 I plan on working with, what can you do for me ?
    • A: Great ! It’s excellent when clients and customers take an active role in the entire process. Before you contact them let me. I’ll screen them in a why to check their professionalism and let them know we’ll be looking for the highest level of excellence and let them know they will be accountable to not only you, the buyer(s), but another brokerage (us) that is familiar with licensing responsibilities and ethics codes of various Realtor Boards.
  2. Q: I’ve already called on property, now what ?
    • A: That’s ok. The process is the same from this end.
  3. Q: Someone made me sign a buyer agreement – am I stuck ?
    • A: Not necessarily. Provide me a copy of the agreement as a pdf, photo, fax or hard copy. Boards give ultimate control to customers – not agents. If the agent has spent significant time and money, I’ll need to know these facts.
  4. Q: Can you be an advocate as the process unfolds ?
    • A: Absolutely – “…there is wisdom in the counsel of many…” its said. While a broker is not a lawyer or appraiser or home inspector, I can be “ears and eyes” with many pieces of useful FYI feedback. I always paraphrase the proverb to folks “get said wise counsel from someone you actually consider wise in the specific area where counsel is sought. ” Make sense ?
  5. Q: Can you come along to the showings ?
    • A: Typically, an agent prefers to deal one on one with buyer(s) having only decision makers/influencers on site – and for many good reasons they are not comfortable with others that have no financial interest in the transaction giving their ‘2 cents’ here and there. E.G: Mom or dad often want a deal like the one they got years before on a budget they had then – rarely is it the same situation as the buyer is in. I can be reached for feedback at any time such as prior to a 2nd showing or in regard to an inspection or appraisal.
  6. Q: Where can I have you broker as my/our agent ?
    • A: This is available anywhere in MI & FL. Remember, you must have me act as point of first contact. If you should attend an open house or want to phone for more information, we simply must let any other agent know up front that you’ll prefer to have me act as broker and process the paper work through closing.
  7. Q: Should I use Premium + ?
    • A: If you’d like an advocate during the process, a person and place to interact with,12744744_193043737721688_4331450352305254752_n[1]&/or a bonus rebate amount, Premium + is probably for you. For $ bonus amounts See Rebate Chart now.

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