Your retirement, vacation, and seasonal homes ~ All Over Michigan ~ & premium perks no other brokerage offers.

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‘Why Wouldn’t You ?’

Top 5 reasons ‘you’ll flip’ & find me better than using “the local person”:

  1. I Am Local – Will the ‘local’ agent consider your ‘bigger picture’? DecadeAnibal Group LLC. Realty of statewide experience gives ‘perspective’ when comparing options. I’ve brokered, owned, traveled Michigan for decades. I can ask ‘have you considered this …’?
  2. Statewide MLS platform – Lets you list for sale or buy with ease.
  3. Total Picture / Portfolio Approach – Working with clients over the years on all their transactions gives us a working relationship to better advise you in perspective to your overall holdings.
  4. They Might Be Local / You, Are Not – Over 85% of buyers & sellers never use the same agent the 2nd time. Wonder why ? We plan to keep you as a client for many years & multiple transactions so we’ll take the time a ‘1 and done’ person might not. In fact, the typical agent stays in business only 3 years ! I’ve been in this over 3 decades.
  5. Accountability – Even if we let the local agent do most of the local legwork, you now have a professional as a known advocate in the loop – that helps keep them more honest and diligent.
  6. Cash rebate – Yes, its available on statewide transactions. See Rebate Chart
  7. What does it cost ? You don’t have to pay anything. We travel the entire state regularly and can interact instantly via phone/ tablet/ YourSpace 24/7.Michigan Real Estate vacation cabin cottage for sale Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth children charity supoorted


Searching for the right real estate agent takes a lot of patience and knowledge. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, using us or have a local practitioner you’d like us to pre-screen and prep you to work with in a referral fashion – we ask the hard questions to find someone for you,  e.g.: who is trustworthy and professional, who can use their expertise to get the deal done faster.

Why use a ‘Down-stater’ to sell Northern Michigan property ? Where do you think most owners are from in Northern MI ? Who buys those lakefront cottages ? Right – we advertise to the masses that are most likely to buy in the north.

FAQ’s –

  • Q:  Do you broker northern transactions ?Anibal-Group-LLC-Realty-Net-Worth-All-Over-USA-seal-beach-california
  • A:  Yes, I’ve closed homes all over the state – many counties, NW, Eastern edge, SE, etc. I’ve worked summer lake homes, ski cabins, hunting acreage, retirement, vacation, investment, and professionals residences.
  • Q: I’ve already called on property, now what?
  • A: That’s ok. The process is the same from this end. We’ll let them know you are working with an office/agent if you’ve not already told them at first contact.
  • Q: Someone made me sign a buyer agreement – am I stuck ?
  • A: Not necessarily. Provide me a copy of the agreement as a pdf, photo, fax or hard copy. Boards give ultimate control to customers – not agents. If the agent has spent significant time and money, I’ll need to know these facts.
  • Q: Can you be an advocate – if I use a local – as the process unfolds ?
  • A: Absolutely – “…there is wisdom in the counsel of many…” its said. We’ll need to let the other professional know the scope of this arrangement and I’ll not interfere with their processes. Also realize, while a broker is not a lawyer or appraiser or home inspector, I can be “ears and eyes” with many pieces of useful FYI feedback. I always paraphrase the proverb to folks “get said wise counsel from someone you actually consider wise in the specific area where counsel is sought. ” Make sense ?
  • Q: Can you come along to the showings ?
  • A: I’m there for all showings as a buyer/ sellers agent. For screened referral situations – on an hourly retainer I am available. Typically, another agent would want to deal one on one with buyer(s) – and for many good reasons they are not comfortable with others that have no financial interest in the transaction giving their ‘2 cents’ here and there. E.G: Mom or dad often want a deal like the one they got years before on a budget they had then – rarely is it the same situation as the buyer is in. I have been called in for a 2nd showing to attend the inspection or appraisal step. Further, I have brokered the transaction where the local lister agent has done the initial showing and told by the buyer – UP FRONT – that you are working with me. Again, we simply let the agent know up front that you’ll prefer to13975257_547728985400158_1961526686294140869_o[1] have me act as broker and do the paper work through closing.
  • Q: Where can I have you broker as my/our agent ?
  • A: Anywhere in MI.

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