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Our Roots

In 1969, John Anibal left his Hartland High School teaching career to help folks find their dream home. He put that economics masters degree to use & opened Tri-County Realty in Linden MI & Byron MI.  Anibal Group LLC John D Anibal Linden MI Tri County Realty 1971 Corvette

Decades of licensed experience later, son Paul is still assisting folks from a financial perspective.

Your Broker

If experience counts, Paul has paid his dues.

  • Founder of 2nd Generation Real Estate Practice: 1982
  • Bachelor of Arts: Michigan State University, Accounting
  • Licensed Agent: 1982
  • Obtained Residential Builders License: 1995
  • Graduate, Realtors Institute (GRI): 1996
  • Licensed Michigan Broker:  1996
  • Licensed Florida Broker: 2005
  • Added Nationwide Relocations Servicing: 2010

‘Hi, I’m Paul. 

A 2nd generation broker raised in the business and enjoying it more every day! After Anibal.Group.Realty_Net_Worth-real-estate-broker-seated-formalschool, I played monopoly at dads office every day. Now, cross town, cross county, I’m excited to help you. Always glad to talk the psychology of the process having seen the stress it can cause. I’ve ‘walked most roads’ you will as you buy/ sell/ move/ and plan.        

In college started rehabbing my own homes, 8 years later, I built my first house bottom up. My resume includes managed office buildings & apartment complexes. As a broker licensed in MI & FL our services support many investor groups & nationwide relocations.’

In my 3+ decades of experiences. Related to real estate, I’ve:

  • Owned
  • Brokered
  • Built new
  • Rehabbed
  • Rented out
  • Managed residential
  • Managed commercial
  • Successfully property tax protested
  • Screened referrals for nationwide relocations
  • Set up entities for corporate investment clients
  • And filed thousands of income tax returns for clients who bought, sold, flipped, rented, subdivided, and invested in them (properties).

Working on investments in multiple states (and Taiwan) or hands on investing since college days, I’ve ‘been there/ done that’. Experience, methods, and approach like none other. And honored to serve you.

Its never been just about the numbers but quality of life.

Do you feel real estate is a major part of your net worth? Most clients have transacted multiple times us do. We took a group of 6 clients, consulted needs, set up an entity, and worked their portfolio of investments 20 years!

More tools, more experience, a unique approach.

  • Opening the eyes of 1st time buyers to realities.
  • Sitting with them later for investments, waterfront, & vacation homes.
  • Working with out-state relocations as needs change.
  • Eventually assisting a family liquidate an estate of a loved one.

Along the way sharing network of referrals: CPA’s, personal/ commercial insurance consultants, landscapers, builders, tree arborists, and other trades persons.

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Congratulations! You now have a Portfolio Broker!

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