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Receive a Portfolio Realty Net Worth Approach


Ready to “get going” as a buyer ? Lets view some on-market homes & I’ll bring over 3 decades of experience along ! Take my Buyer Interests Survey, collect up your proof of ability to purchase for our file, then we’ll put a buyers agreement in place and get going asap.   Infographics and other PICTURES !

  1. Do you have your property listed with us &/or other proof of ability to purchase in our file ? If yes, you are ready to start touring properties in your price range ! No? Still want to do some ‘window shopping’? No problem, a small ‘consulting’ retainer get’s you going. I’ll apply it as a rebate at closing.
  2. Private Online Portal: YourSpace24/7  is in fact your own interactive online 24/7 file cabinet. Access your file anywhere so we can work together no matter where you and yours are at. Your search history, comps, tax data & research, mortgage & inspection activity, offers, disclosures, feedback, emails from others, maps,  photos, etc – we share – all right there!
  3. Ask my how to get a potential reduction in:
    • Transfer Taxes
    • Title Insurance
    • Property Taxes &
    • Income Taxes ………. simply by HOW the transaction is structured. Many times we’ve seen “sales agents” make great ‘sales’ but cost the property owner thousands in lost income tax/property tax/ etc…simply by taking the “fill in the blank – default” path.
  4. Clients, under written agreement with upfront retainer can qualify for a rebate at closing on substantial properties. See Schedule
    • Many clients have received rebate checks for thousands at closing for $’s they’ve paid us in prior years for services rendered – making those services FREE !

My 35+ years of experiences. I’ve: 20160816182222b

  • Owned it
  • Brokered it
  • Built them
  • Rehabbed them
  • Rented them out
  • Managed residential
  • Managed commercial
  • Successfully property tax protested
  • Set up corporate and LLCs for clients investing in them
  • Studied the history and rehabbing of them
  • Screened nationwide referrals for clients of it
  • And filed thousands of income tax returns for clients who bought, sold, flipped, rented, subdivided, and invested in them (properties).

After grabbing a paint brush as a child to work on dads investments and buying a house in college to rehab, I’ve ‘been there/ done that’. You won’t scare me if you ask how you might move a wall, deal with a tenant, or save taxes.  My experience, methods, and approach is  like none other. I’m honored to serve you.

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