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3 Decades of Portfolio Brokerage

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– Knowledgeable, Affordable, Personable – ‘ Why wouldn’t you?’

Real estate buyer and sellers in the Fenton, Waterford and surrounding Oakland/ Livingston/ Genesee/ Washtenaw county areas.==Ready to 'work'...for you.

Some of our Real Estate Tools:

  • Track Me In ‘Realtime‘ – I use the GLYMPSE app so you can see me en route to our meetings, no wondering how close I am or which location I’m at.
  • Expanded Use of Google Docs – View & edit simultaneously in ‘real time’ – scratch pad style – to discuss ‘what if’ scenarios from any web device.
  • Property Management and Transitional Care – Rental portfolio or caring for inherited/estate/ and vacation properties. more
  • State/Nationwide Professional Referral Screening – Nationwide peer to peer no cost screening for vacation, investor or transferee – asking the hard questions for you. $ Rebate after close.
  • Reminder Emails – Request to get free updates regarding income & property tax related matters as well as seasonal reminders.
  • Free TABLET – Buyers/sellers get a pre-configured tablet to use during the process. Take/review photos, click the icons for more info and direct link to YourSpace online portal, forward doc.s with a click.
  • PC House Calls – Using TeamViewer for remote control access to your PC via internet.
  • Fresh Start Lease Options: We match IRA investors with home buyers. more
  • Pinterest – “Magazine” with on-markets, flow charts, and other useful How-To tools. more

Why am I the only realty broker you need ? Acting like a financial mentor, I want you to make The Best decisions because when my customers succeed, we work together for years.

My clients feel real estate is a major part of their net worth, most have transacted multiple times with me. I’ve grouped clients for investments & developments, some with a 20 year track record. Yet I find as much satisfaction helping 1st time buyers walk through a transaction – opening eyes to many aspects others never touch on, I know they may be tomorrows apartment building investors.

As a 2nd generation broker, this has been my only career. Peripheral training/ investing/ building/ remodeling/ financing all support provided wisdom.

Goals ?

  • Be up to date and informed.
  • Keep you as informed as possible in this large important investment.

Its your money – its your time !

Are you being referred to us ? Please let us know from whom. Chances are, like many on my client list, you are either of the same family, street, or last name as one I’ve been privileged of dealing with. We love to assist you as a:

  • First time homebuyer
  • Move up, vacation homebuyer
  • Seasoned investor
  • Fix flip
  • Landlord building a portfolio
  • Group investor.
  • Estate/ inherited property care, rental & disposition
Let me know below how can I help with timing and strategies on:

  • Marketing
  • Offers
  • Income/ property tax matters
  • Remodeling
  • Landlord/investment counsel ?
  • Lets meet at your home, my office, or the nearest coffee shop. Bring your web access device – I’ll bring mine !

Send us a text

Brokerage & consulting services offered all over Michigan from NW to SE MI including Counties of: Oakland, Genesee, Livingston, Washtenaw, Eaton & Wayne County. Cities include: Waterford, Fenton, Linden, Hartland, Howell, Brighton, Waterford, Highland, White Lake, Milford, Flint, Swartz Creek, Grand Blanc, Ann Arbor, South Lyon Michigan & Surrounding areas. Professional referral screening at no cost offered throughout Michigan the U.S.

All services offered through A_n_i_b_a_l Affiliates Inc. All content copyright 2014.

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