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Realty Investments for your Self Directed IRA:

We assist in the setup, management, buy/sell brokerage, and the coordination with accountants and other professionals regarding your IRA real estate portfolio. With professionals in Michigan and Florida, as well as a screened referral network nationwide, we are ready to serve.



  • Identify an existing entity/or set up a new entity for investing
  • Custodian trustee opens account to receive funds
  • Deposit or roll funds from another IRA/ 401k sufficient to fund your chosen investment and related expenses
  • If you have set up a new entity, we’ll broker the purchase of your chosen property for the IRA and set the plan for producing the revenue.


  • You understand their are no guarantees
  • You have an understanding of what you’d like to invest in such as:
    • Properties you resell on seller financing for interest income/cash flow
    • Rentals such as single family homes (SFH) and Condos
    • Lots you resell: cash or financed
    • Foreclosures your IRA will “wholesale” or “flip”
    • Tax Deeds where you buy tax foreclosures
    • Examples
  • You have some start up cash in another retirement account sufficient to fund such activity and the expenses involved.
  • We accompany customers/clients to free local SD IRA informational events held by a MI based custodial account provider. Contact us below to attend one of these 2 hr morning or evening events.


  • Select a set up method after discussing with your accountant – we can assist or refer you to one of our an affiliated business partners ( separate entities we have working relationships with ).
  • Select a custodian
  • Fund to account
  • Initiate a strategy  & purchase with us, your portfolio brokerage.


  • If you are working with an accountant,
    • we can contact them for you to initiate a working relationship or
    • meet with you both or
    • you can meet with them and discuss a strategy for how much you will invest as a $ amount &/or percentage of your retirement account(s).
  • You should consider how many years until you will pull funds out as part of your Long Term or Short Term investing strategies.
  • Contact us asap to get an online YourSpace247 set up for your investing.


Want an investment ready to simply add into your portfolio ? Our 8 Point In Place Package includes:

  1. Rental Property Already Researched & Selected

    • Criteria examples: Good areas/ easy to care for/ remarketing considerations
  2. Inspection Records 
    • 3rd party feedback relating to condition & useability
  3. Tenant Contact/ Screening/ Selection
    • May include but not limited to: Credit checks/ background check/ potential respect for property.
  4. Deposit, Initial Months Rent, Lease Completed
    • Document flow available for online review
  5. Pre Rental Cleaning & Maintenance Completed
    • May include paint/ repairs/ yard cleanup/ etc.
  6. Professional Management In Place
    • Optional selection & setup of company that will handle such things as repairs, maintenance, collection, tenant placement, end of period financial reporting/feedback, end of yr tax form
    • Options available: 1. You, 2. Us, 3. Other Mgt Co. you have worked with/ prefer.
  7. Cash Flow Outline

    • Proforma Annual Property Operating Data sheet ( aka: industry standard APOD )
  8. Ready To Close: Quick Ability to Transfer Lease, Deed, Insurance and Tenant To You
    • With in-place documents and services: e.g.: Lease Transfer, Insurance, Tenant File


To set up a self-directed IRA, you can go directly to a custodial firm that specializes in these vehicles to make the transactions you want. Or you can set up a limited liability corporation, which will be owned by the IRA. As manager of the LLC, you can pay for investments directly from a bank account without having to go to the custodian for each transaction.

  1. Read more at……
  2. Read more:……….avoid-the-pitfalls-of-self-directed-iras
  3. Great WSJ detailed primer…_ira-funds-pensco-trust-ira-investors
  4. “Prohibited Transactions” and “Disqualified Activities” overview…real-estate-investing-ira.shtml
  5. Holding real estate loans discussion e.g. refi’s and wholesalers – aka: “flippers”…-sdira-vs-the-competition
  6. FEES example for custodians/trustee account holder…-ira-fees/
  7. Educational resource
  11.……/Tax-Deeds-in-Georgia-Self-Directed-IRA-LLC-Investments  Example for buying tax foreclosures
  15.  Example for seller financing income from your IRA $30k initial rollover to set up.
  18.…./ira-process/   Checkbook control example
  19. Quick overview

Cost-Free Services

We work with your accountant and can cover their fees when we have a formal agreement on file for you. Ask for details.

All services offered through A_n_i_b_a_l Affiliates Inc. All content copyright 2010.
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