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Unique Personalized 24/7 Interactive Private Online Space for just you.

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Customers/ clients love it. Visit often to track your file, or ignore until needed. But searching endless emails? Not with us!!

With your private portal we can dialogue with you…we can both post emails, texts, photos, pdf docs, as well as updates, links, news tips, referral contacts, etc. Your 24/7 File Cabinet  space has your permanent file of items to refer to: e.g. tax returns, documents for a specific property and related to your property portfolio. You have access to endless online based spreadsheets & documents to view/ edit/ ‘what-if’ at anytime. Your files accessible for upload/ download/ and updating.

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  • When you or your family are ready to buy or sell, make sure you have an agreement on file before starting the process.
  • MLS Seller Exposure & Buyer Comparables Data only available w/ retainer & agreement.
  • YourSpace 24/7 portals & service has limited functionality prior to retainer & brokerage agreement.

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