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Making your business a better value to your customers / bringing more business to us both.


Dear prospective participant in the Mutual Referral Group (MRG):

For years, marketers have stressed the fact that the best form of advertising is through individuals who talk about your services in a positive manner.

We continually set up joint/referral ventures where the client benefits from having different types of services from people who are part of a team. In realty transactions, for example, a broker, lawyer, CPA, landscaper, builder, inspector, mover, lender, insurer  and others, may all work together for the benefit of the client.

Ready referrals of proven competency add value to you in your clients mind.

For The Purpose of:

  1. Giving extra value to your and our customers.
  2. To raise public awareness of services &/or products offered by the participants – you / us.
  3. Mutual increase & development of client base.
  4. Mutual increase of revenues.

The Plan is:

  1. Offer a customer/client incentive to use the MRG referral.
  2. Offer a participant (or their customer) an incentive in giving a referral.
    • e.g.: Customer gets a discount/rebate of some sorts for using the referral.
    • .. More business will be referred due to referrals being received.
  3. Raise the “synergistic value” of each participant in that they have an association with other professionals in the area of significant experience and usefulness to the client/customer being referred.
  4. A sharing of any or all of the following examples: marketing materials to pass along, (preapproved) website links/ with notations, cross marketing pieces ( e.g. when realtors share postcard mailings & costs with local businesses appropriate for their target demographic).

Our Offers:

  1. Your realty buyer/seller referred customer/client will receive a rebate of all prior monies paid to you (your business) at close of escrow when they engage us under agreement w/ retainer as outlined on our site.
    1. Benefit to your client: Your goods/services are potentially a NO-COST / FREE benefit of doing business with us AS a referral from you.
  2. After the first closed referral transaction, we offer your future customer/clients increasingly discounted retainer fees based on the number of closed referrals per year that are from you.
  3. On our postcard mailings we offer advertising space to you, a MRG member.
  4. We give you a plethora of our marketing materials to pass along demonstrating us as an “offered perk” to your clients.

The Next Step:

  1. Lets communicate, review each others business plan, experience, and values … cross paths.
  2. Then lets exchange marketing materials such as cards, brochures, web links to share with our clients.
  3. Finally lets make a plan to proactively be a referral based extension of each others business, meet regularly, and get started on specific ideas for client referrals.


In order to have a strong, active and growing business, you will need to have good referral sources and also be able to provide good referrals for your clients to receive any services that you do not offer. Building and nurturing relationships with others will result in a steady stream of new clients for your practice and satisfaction for those who are referred elsewhere.

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