Series: RELOCATION. A quick outline of what I provide

 How can I find a real estate agent to sell my vacation house?  I answered this question under the name of my ‘scribe’/ assistant on Quora.

I developed my referral screening service (yrs ago) to answer this question.

I’m a broker, but I use this method to find an agent when I sell my own properties. Representing self has pitfalls & IMO won’t yield the best ROI for you.AnibalGroupLLC_RealtyNetWorth_ 10-24-2018 7-54-05 PM

What I don’t recommend:

  • some ‘team’ agents – they may state they have X number of transactions, but that is for the team, not one agent. You will probably deal with different persons at each step, may be fine but not personal or optimal – just my opinion.
  • in-house referrals from a franchise – conflict of interest.
  • magazine sites, eg: Realtor/Zillow/Trulia etc or others that offer referrals with computer algorithms, not personal interaction, little to no client-specific assistance. Further, these referral companies take a large fee from agents and give agents virtually nothing for it. You’ll likely get a reduced level of excitement or care from your ‘reduced fee’ agent.
  • ‘finance gurus’ that offer ‘screened local professionals’ – I tried to sign up as one but when they asked ‘have you taken any of our (paid for) local training classes?’ I felt they were indirectly charging me just to sign up, then again after the sales – conflict of interest.

Hence, what I provide:

  • Screening by an actual experienced real estate broker – me.
  • I create a private client portal where we share communications/ work spaces/ docs, etc in realtime – 24/7.
  • Starting with standardized QnA feedback from you so I’ll know more about you, your needs, your strengths/ weaknesses – sellers eg: your time frame, special needs, etc ~ buyer eg: you can/can’t fix property, funds available or pre-approved, preferred amenities, etc.
  • Then I look for ‘best fit’ agents/ brokers.
    • I create an outline GoogleDoc area where you can follow along.
    • I create a ‘long list’ so you know everyone I looked at, criteria I used, and the pluses and minuses of each agent/broker – its your ultimate decision after all !
    • I personally contact the ‘short list’. I provide them w/ only general info about you, nothing private.
    • I provide you details of such things as response time/ their professional credentials/ links to their online presence/ contact info.
    • I share w/you the exact response I get from each screened potential agent/broker.
    • Above a certain level of transaction, I travel to meet buyer/ seller & prospective agents in person! (eg: insert is Rhode Island trip)
    • Once you select a potential agent/ broker you’d like to work with, I provide them a very detailed ‘ buyer (seller) dossier ‘. They will know a lot about you with an information packet so they can hit the ground running. Agents love when I give them this. I’ve done much of the hard work agents do out of the gate at the start of client interaction. They are happy to pay a percent of their fee to me for this.
  • I’m available as a professional for QnA. Many times you’d like to have an on-call pro that you can get a 2nd opinion from, no cost, anytime. That’s me. The agent knows there is extra accountability. They tend to exercise a higher level of care and professionalism with your case.
  • I use apps. Tech is not a problem, I encourage you to use it. I expect the referrals I provide will have an excellent variety of tech skills.
  • I support charities 🙂
  • Here’s the best part: I actually PAY YOU a rebate for this service. You get the screened professionals list – the agent gets a client already prepped for the journey – and you get $$’s from me.

Anibal Group LLC ~



LOTS of apps we can use or not as you are comfortable with: pdf creators, smartphone doc scanning, google docs, Skype/ Line, TeamViewer, etc.

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* Anibal Group LLC does not offer legal advice. This article is not to be considered advice specific to your situation. Most financial decisions should involve advice from a trusted professional of your choice that will advise on insurance, legal, banking/ lending, structural/ property condition, and other transaction significant matters. We can offer referrals for CPA’s and other professionals.