Series: More Tools – STAY HOME ~ Tax Prep remote from vacation home, cabin, mission field, or ?

TAX TIME ~ Stay Home! We provide ‘remote’ aka: ‘virtual’ appointments ~ have for years! Clients? they may be across town, out-state, or, yes really, on the other side of the world.

The benefits to you are obvious. The tools we provide are ‘too many to list’. No matter what stage of the P/D/E carousel you are in, we make it easy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Anibal Group LLC is open247

Calendar a ‘Virtual’ Appt / RatesGet a ‘YourSpace’

Below is how we differ from your ‘Annual Net Worth Review’ person.

TOOL: You have a ‘portal’: aka: ‘YourSpace24/7’ – just post-in pdf’s of your docs, populate spreadsheets we’ve already built for you. After your work is completed, we post it there – really easy! We can chat further by phone as I work on your file real-time, you follow along from your e-device as desired. Or just submit tax items and its complete before you know it.

TOOL: The YourVISION tool helps you think about your bigger picture AND share it, so we serve you better. CL_ad_mug

TOOL: ARTICLES. see links.


is an evolving tool produced from your feedback. We jointly track year to year info Having ‘factors’ in one location (a spreadsheet & YourSpace portal), and knowing YourVISION, we work as a team for your bottom line.

What we build as a team? Far beyond real estate brokerage & tax preparation:

– Look back access to tax returns/ tax planning for future years.
– Home economics files. – Estate planning. – Financial planning.
– Summarize voluminous documents. – Information for net worth.
– Information for loan application. – Eldercare, estate, will & trust planning.

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* The above is for informational purposes only. Anibal Group LLC is not offering professional advice & this article is not to be considered advice specific to your situation. Your decisions should involve professionals of your choice re: insurance, legal, banking/ lending, structural/ property condition, and other transaction significant matters. We can offer referrals.

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