Series: SELLING – how much exposure should I be getting?

Insertion in the MLS can be good, but how its done can either work for your or against.capture[1] An optimal outcome is the goal, not plug n play all of your information to the magazine sites to do with as they will. I work for your best interest, NOT theirs.

Many offer simply the relatively passive marketing approach of using MLS like a ‘shotgun’, blast everything you have all at once and see if you hit a target. I see MLS as a tool, used as a stepping stone en-route to bringing interest directed at your and only your property, else we may be missing opportunities. How do I do this? I’m glad to show you my approach. Supporting roles by the following create a ‘reverse shotgun approach’ if you will, of all marketing pieces directing interest at, and only at, your property.

  • Dedicated social media page,
  • posting of ads,
  • mailings to your neighborhood and my client list,
  • dedicated URL page just for your property and yours alone,
  • YouTube,
  • These and other tools used correctly and at the right time have produced the type of results seen in this one example listing. Below is a glimpse of the URL page and what example days of syndication look like using a ‘formula’ to drive traffic. My approach you might call a ‘controlled exposure’.

Conclusion: Often our listings have up to 3x the views per day as competing listings.



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