Series: ‘MORE TOOLS’ ~ Home economics, budget, mortgage, income taxes

SERIES: The ‘Portfolio Approach’ includes access to spreadsheets. I have thousands of spreadsheets I’ve created to assist clients…thousands. To help you organize your thoughts, there a quite a few templates that interact, to assist and give value. Some examples of these ‘multi tab spreadsheets’ would be to assist:

  • buyers – valuations/ closing costs/ pricing/ estimated time to market, etc.
  • sellers – valuation/ checklists/ comparing
  • investors – compare/ value/ track ROI/ tax issues
  • landlords – rehab costs/ ROI tracking/ management feedback/ tenant interactions
  • home economics – this is usually the start point for customers / clients. With this tool set, we can do what the mechanic does with a scan tool, what the doctor does with a workup, and what your insurance agent does with their annual feedback form.  Lets take a quick look:

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By the time you see these, they’ve no doubt been updated.

One great advantage for you will be that these are ‘live’ and interactive. We can edit formulas/ ‘what if’s/ and make clarifying graphical changes to your taste, in real-time, during a phone chat!

Look at the tab names on the bottom. What can you think up that I can assist with?

IN RELATED SERIES POSTS:  I’ll share REAL ESTATE and ENTITY ‘frequently used tools’. 

Tools have been created to help assist if you have, had, or are considering any of the below:

  • … income property?AnibalGroupLLC_RealtyNetWorth_tax-savings-with-buy-sell-brokerage
  • … a small business or 1099 contract income?
  • … an entity such as S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership?
  • … using property as home office, land storage rental, pole barn use, attached apartment for related/unrelated, or style letting?
  • … college (or other) housing for student/ child?
  • … providing housing for parent?
  • … vacation/ seasonal property that may have mixed use?
  • … relocation related to work?

READ: topics: tab: uses:
Notes to us Post notes/ links/ calculations here for open activity.
INCOME TAXES Note to you We’ll post questions/ notes/ links/ calculations here for open activity for your feedback.
Quick estimates Quick estimating. Useful at anytime either YOUR situation will change OR tax law OR both.
Sched C Track your business income/ expenses
Sched E Track your rental income/ expenses
Miles Useful for repetitive re-occuring trips re: mileage travel.
Miles/ Meals Useful when overnight stays are part of mileage travel.
Home office Useful for local mileage and for rentals/ home office deductions.
1099 info Sample uses: Keep track of your year to year 1099’s being issued. Share info here if you wish these prepared.
IMPROVEMENTS Assets Useful for insurance coverage, for buy/sell tax calculations, and for rentals/ home office deductions.
SSA_Est.1 Plan your SS payout timing and spousal options during earning and/or payout. Consider using Roth before taking SS.
CREDIT PswdMgr-Budget Make passwords easy for you/ hard for others. See your monthy & annual needs. Compare balances to pay down more quickly.
AlaCarte-TxSvgs-RNW Preplanning a buy/ sell transaction can save you thousands. Request further information.
DOCS_Reviews_Tax Document tracking. Simply copy/paste doc links from YourSpace.
Parse & total stmts Copy/ paste your CC or Bk Stmts and easily total payee/ categories. Once setup m akes a breeze of use.

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* Anibal Group LLC does not offer legal advice. This article is not to be considered advice specific to your situation. Most financial decisions should involve advice from a trusted professional of your choice that will advise on insurance, legal, banking/ lending, structural/ property condition, and other transaction significant matters. We can offer referrals for CPA’s and other professionals.

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