Selling a house? vs. Online dating.

Selling a house ? Its about 1 buyer, not ‘# of hits’, ‘not # of showings’.

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35 yrs as a Realtor/ Broker, always as an independent, not a franchise. Why?

Those ‘online dating’ sites make you wonder what you are getting.

  • Wow, lots of lookers! Are they potential/ qualified buyers or just ‘photo surfers’?
  • Ya, lots of dates – aka: showings. But again ready to act buyers … or just getting decorating ideas?

Franchises are fine. They have a place. But clients found if they wanted “Mr/Ms Top Producer”, they really get a ‘listing specialist’, then the ‘processor’, etc. Marketing ? Those producers do have their systems, yet are they customized enough to make you feel you are getting:

  • All the data you need to make a big decision.
  • ‘Drill down’ marketing that will bring out the ones that reeeelly want your place (and will pay for it).
  • ‘Property Specific’ (plug-n-play/ off the shelf):
    • A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that takes more than 10 minutes. Most Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth-Sell-CMA-Valuation-Analysis-PUBLICare very over-simplified in methods AND accuracy. See my Zillow reviews.
    • Pre-listing ‘to do’ list.
    • Custom made mailers.
    • Website that shows your property ONLY.
    • Web advertising using specific demographics & interests unique to your offering.
    • Videos of not only your property but also the area leading to your home
    • ‘Adwords’.
  • Your very own portal space – feedback and doc’s area. Enjoy it or ignore it … 24/7.Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth-YourSpace247 seller

Summary: Make sure your selling agent/ broker can get past the ‘plug into’ format. Quick-n-easy tools are great for the new agent – often simplistic/ standardized. Are they best for you? Remember what you need. A buyer – 1 buyer to be exact.

Are the 1000 hits and 25 showings curiosity seekers? Its the ‘drilling down’ on that 1 unique buyer to get the best price with the least interference.


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