Local large city property taxes are often far over assessed. v2017.01.24

I’m updating this article.anibals-realtynetworth-realt-estate-brokerage-consulting-relocation-management-property-tax-protests-the-power-to-tax-is-the-power-to-destroy

Below is the original posted 3 yrs ago. This has long been a problem. Why? While I can appreciated ‘work load’ as a reason, it eventually becomes and excuse if its not dealt with on the assessor/ local /state government end. Assessors by-pass state law &/or take advantage of their position to frustrate property owners into being unfairly over taxed. Via interviewing property owners and walking thru the process for clients, I witness first hand the ugly side of the process. I’ll not speculate to far on the gov’t employees side of this – you can figure it out for yourself – but what is the results of over taxation and undue burdens associated with ‘tax protests’ ?

Instability. Show me one neighborhood that prospers from having homeowners uprooted. Getting these properties properly and fairly assessed brings a long term increase in the value of an area. At that point, values and assessments can rightly follow. Why is this so a hard message for the local assessor and his boards of review to understand ?

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Original article from 2004 –

According the Detroit News, there is a large inequity from property to property. This is true in most large cities in MI. Further, the local board of review personnel often doesn’t know how to or refuses to assist you, the taxpayer they work for, in the process. The article leaves out important details of interpretation. Don’t assume the house you buy will change property taxes for the better – DO assume they will change with ownership change. We can chat further.


Detroit— Detroit is over-assessing homes by an average of 65 percent, leading to higher tax bills, according to a Detroit News analysis of more than 4,000 appeal decisions over the past three years by a state board.

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