Storms/ Trees/ Insurance/ Liability

As always, this is NOT to take the place of calling YOUR agent!

What happens if:3808286

  1. My tree falls on my house.
    • A: my insurance should pay
  2. ” and the had asked I remove/trim it beforehand.
    • A: I pay
  3. My tree falls on neighbors property.
    • A: their insurance should pay
  4. ” and the tree was dead/ dying.
    • A: I was negligent, I will probably pay
  5. A neighbors tree fell on my house.
    • A: living tree – I/my insurance pays, dead/dying – they/their insurance pays.

You already know that no matter what you asap inform your insurance company with “notice of an event which could give rise to a claim”, even if you’re sure there will be none. Why? You are not the insurance expert AND you don’t know what the future holds. Contact them now.

Basic point: Check your yard for hazards, check with your agent for coverage gaps.

These are short answers.  Again, you are best advised to at a minimum QnA your: Insurable risks professional, accountant, lender/banker, realty professional, legal adviser when changes happen or are anticipated.

If you’d like me to assist further, contact me w/any questions or comments. Recall, using anyone in my referral network qualifies for reimbursed services (FREE) on your next buy/sell activity.


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