Real estate investments – entity selection

Clients should realize pros and cons of the entity they form for their business or investment activity.

  • S corporation?
  • How about an LLC?
  • When planning to purchase several single-family homes … should I form a C corporation?

Answering the question of entity choice is best before transactions are initiated, but remain a valid question at any point. There are issues like income taxes, legal protection, partners, ease of doing business, insurable risk, and access to credit. Cash flow preferences, (now or later),  along with the right entity can even slash your tax burden while providing legal protection against creditors and lawsuits.  The right entity could affect your ability to deduct 100% of your medical expenses,  and save income and self-employment tax.


Choice of Entity Considerations for Real Estate Investors …
Choice Of Entity Considerations For Real Estate Investors. One of the most difficult choices for investors in real estate, either new or seasoned, is determining …
 Choosing the right business entity for your investment real estate is an important decision with many consequences. It is crucial to work …
Sep 12, 2012 – If your business is holding real estate, go with a pass-through entity, …. of the owners, the entity choice for your business is no small decision.
advises real estate funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, limited liability … considerations such as real estate investment trusts and tax-exempt entities.

Choice of Entity in Real Estate Transactions. (With Emphasis On Partnerships. And Limited Liability Companies). Tab le of C onten ts. Page. I. SCOPE OF …

(Speak to your accountant/ lawyer/ lender/ and insurance agent for specific advise – the following is excerpts from counsel received and not to take the place of paid advisers in their respective field of licensing.)


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