No tax on sale of home ? Rules and exceptions

Well here’s some interesting perks for home sellers looking for tax breaks. No tax on up to $500k MFJ if owned over 2yrs – most of us knew that one, but did you also know:NW$ign

There are several exceptions. Under the old rules, if the home has been held fewer than two years, and if the move is job-related or health-related or there were other unforeseen circumstances, the taxpayer was allowed a prorated portion of the exclusion. The IRS ruled that unforeseen circumstances could include:

  • divorce, legal separation, or death of a spouse;
  • becoming eligible for unemployment compensation;
  • a change in employment that makes it impossible to pay the mortgage or basic living expenses;
  • multiple births resulting from the same pregnancy;
  • damage to the home from a natural disaster, act of war, or terrorism; and
  • condemnation, seizure, or involuntary conversion of the property, such as foreclosure.