Property Tax Protests due for Notice of Assessment increases – Hardship/ Poverty/ Disabled Vets Exemptions

If you need assistance contact me immediately as these MUST be filed timely and complete.ar125236032259088[1]

Things to remember:

  1. New in Michigan – vets now qualify for 100% property tax abatement
  2. Federal poverty guidelines must be the most strict a city/township can use + asset test
  3. The assessor MUST make the guidelines available to you – so you don’t waste your time applying when the criteria is uncertain AND so he/she doesn’t change the rules as the process moves forward….GET THEM IN WRITING, NO VIA PHONE, OR SPOKEN WORD OVER THE COUNTER OR VIA EMAIL.  I’ve seen assessors give folks guidelines verbally then change his story at the Lansing level !

Here are some useful links.

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