What’s real estates current head and tailwinds

There are market forces that are going to shape the next few decades. You and I can be wise as to whether we choose urban rentals/ or rural vacation… city/ country… working class north/ retiree south … etc, etc. I’ve oft felt that if I’m buying in retiree FL for example, I want to be an old boomer that rides appreciation upward vs a young end of the line boomer holding property there when many are downsizing to a 6 foot plot.

I agree with these quips:

Essentially, the response to these trends will separate the winners from the losers in the real-estate market, said Scott Muldavin, a member of the group and president of The Muldavin Company, a consulting firm serving the real-estate industry.

“If you pay attention to them you will be able to beat the market,” he said.


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