American Ghost Towns of the 21st Century

Palm Coast, Fla., Las Vegas and Cape Coral, Fla., were all among the former high fliers. Many large counties which have 20% or higher occupancy rates are in these same regions. Lee County, Fla., Yuma County, Ariz., Mohave County, Ariz., and Osceola, Fla., each had a precipitous drop in home prices and increases in vacancy rates as homebuyers disappeared when the economy went south. ………..

Vacant homes and homes which lose double-digit amounts of their value each year irreparably undermine the tax

base. And, as services fall, fewer potential homeowners will consider investing in the area.

again, full story – click photo

1. Lake County, Mich.

Number of homes: 14,966
Vacancy rate: 66%

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