Michigan foreclosure rates by ZIP Code…

Opportunities or scary realities ? The webmaster passes along these thoughts with the post/link: New administration in Lansing should make MI a changed economy in about 3 yrs ( ask me for my source ), the areas with the furthest drops should see the biggest opportunity for gains – we’ll we’ve certainly dropped, and current clients are loading up on rentals w/experiences that they feel favor the landlord….cheap properties/strong rents. Webmaster

Michigan’s foreclosure rate was the 5th highest nationwide for the month of October. About one in every 235 housing units in Michigan received a foreclosure filing. Nevada, Florida, Arizona and California were the top four states, respectively.

ZIP Codes in Monroe (48145), Van Buren (49027), Livingston (48139) and Oakland county (48178) had the highest foreclosure rates in the state last month.

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